Enjoy your Italian afternoons!!! Our staff is convinced that one of the best ways to learn a language is practising it while enjoying yourself in your spare time; thatís why we will organise games, treasure hunts, parties, and other forms of entertaining to allow you to learn, while enjoying Italian or local traditions.
We will organise a weekly social programme for the afternoon and evening, with excursions (leisurely walks or treks, trips by ferry-boat, etc.) to the most famous tourist resorts in the area, cultural activities, films, parties, dinners in pizzerias or restaurants, visits to museums, discos, picnics on the beach, etc.
We will do our best to satisfy all your requests, even the mad ones!
Leisure time activities are not included in the course price. We will charge extra for some activities, depending on the nature of the activity.
Students will find plenty of sports facilities in Chiavari and the surrounding area: tennis courts, swimming pools, diving centres, sailing clubs, canoeing, horse-racing, golf and mini-golf clubs, etc.